Soon... Germany / by deanna szuter

In a few days I'll be headed to Germany.  It's a bittersweet countdown for me.  Last Wednesday I had to put down my Blue Heeler Mingus. He was my boy, and I miss him so much.. but if I think about that too much, I'll get upset.  It's too soon.
Had I not had the Germany trip lined up, I would have already left for somewhere else.  Fortunately, there is no way Mingus would have gone on that Germany trip, so I won't get lost in my head with thoughts of "if only Ming were here...".  

This is a trip I'm taking with my Mother.  She's taking me to the farm where she was born.  From there we head South to pick up my Brother and His Wife, and make way for a small village on the Rhine River.  We are doing a night cruise with Fireworks.  The next day we'll venture South into the Black forest region.  From here, depending on the weather in the mountains, we'll either venture thru Swizterland, and into Italy to see a Castle in my Mother's maiden name.  If the weather prevents this, we'll spend more time exploring the Black Forest Region.  
Castles, Monasteries, a Museum, maybe some Mineral Spas, maybe a train ride..
Dropping Chris and His Wife off at the airport after 7 days with them, Mom and I will go North along the Rhine, to Cologne for the Cathedral, and other sites, make our way to Bremen for a few days, and then back to Ohio.  It's a 2 week long German Road Trip.
Photographically, I will be hunting gargoyles, medieval hardware, carvings, and bones.  Details of antiquity, and my heritage.    
I've never had desire to go to Europe before because I have been content exploring America.  And by America, I mean the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Guatemala.  
But, when Mom offered to take me, how could I refuse.  So, I consider this a once in a lifetime thing.  
Just like any other of my trips, There is a goal for each day, but not a tight schedule. 
Traveling light.  Very light.  
A month ago I herniated a disc in my low back, so everything has to be light. 
I'm ready.  

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