Georgia on my mind... / by deanna szuter

Yesterday I drove 5.5 hours from Canton, OH to a micro RV park in Virginia called "Interstate Campgrounds".  It is best described as a Apartment complex with a courtyard, and that courtyard holds 8-10 RVs.  Off season, so the pool was not open.  It also meant the bathrooms were not open. Luckily I just bought a portable toilet for the van.  LOL..  *sigh*  But, for $20, I got electric hookup, and for the 15F night, I kept warm with an extension cord and space heater.  This is truely "Glamping" in terms of what I am used to. 
Today I drove 4.5 hours from there, to OLD CAR CITY, in White, Georgia.   Old Car City is a defunct salvage yard that is now a glorious tourist trap.   I'm glad I've been in yards before, because this would have been far too overwhelming on a first time shoot.  There were many cars I was familiar with, and have photographed many times, but, there were so many in tact emblems and hood ornaments on those cars that I have never seen before.  
The owner is probably in his mid 60s, spoke with a long Southern drawl, and dressed very casual in jeans and a T-shirt.  He had decided years ago he'd make more money charging admission to the yard, than he would parting the stuff out..thus, tourist trap.  
The main garage/office, I think, tries too hard to be junk eclectic. It's full of all sorts of things from Old Pinball Machines, random framed thrift store art, etc..  More junk than curiosities, but still worth the browse around inside.
Here are some thumbnails of my favorite shots from the day. You can see all the photos here.