Atlanta / by deanna szuter

Yesterday getting from Old Car City to Atlanta was, what I believe to be, a death defying trick.  There were several fender benders pulled off to the left, and one on the right.  This created bumper to bumper traffic.  I was hunkered down in the center lane behind an 18 wheeler and right then decided I could take all day to get to Warner's house.. not in a hurry at all.
 Looking in the rear view mirror, I could see that all of the big trucks were also in the middle lane, so I knew I was in the right place.  
Traffic would come to a stand still, then start to creep.  Right lane, and left lane loosen up a bit with the middle still creeping.  Right and left lane start hauling ass and a moment later you see dozens of tail lights, cars slamming on breaks, cars surging to a stop with bumpers inches apart. And not just once. But at least a dozen times over 30 miles.  
Once in the neighborhoods, things chilled out a bunch.  Some of the areas around Atlanta reminded me of Austin, and Boulder with the Cottages or Doll Houses everywhere.  Little eclectic neighborhood pockets.
My friend Warner and His Wife Reb drove me around for most of the day checking out all the graffiti and murals. Gorgeous stuff out there, and we may have seen half of it?   It's very inspiring, and after being in an area without such an abundant creative pulse, it was energizing. I get the same feeling when I'm in Austin, or Ft. Collins...  
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My second day in Atlanta I spent the morning sorting and editing images from Old Car City, and from the day of wall art.  Once I was up to speed, I headed out to the Atlanta Aquarium.  It's a bit spendy... so Warner and His wife declined to go.  They'd already been there and done that, and I was happy to check it all out at my own pace.  
It was very crowded, and there was a 15 min wait in line to enter.  
It's hypnotic.  Impressive.  Beautiful.  The Whale Shark tank is the thing to experience.  
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