Austin / by deanna szuter

The drive to Austin was pretty fast, considering it's about 8 hours.  2 of which Jerimiah drove.  That was a luxury moment.. riding shotgun in the Cherryacht.  Dropped of Jerimiah at his house, and made it to Cliff and Tali's place.  It was good just to chill the heck out.

My second day in Austin.  Damn glad to be back.  I'm only here because of the Cherryacht, and a dresser left behind years ago.  Here to get the dresser and chill.  I'm already chilled, so that leaves the dresser.  Purchasing a bed (head/foot boards, and rails) was also on my list of shit to do.  I wanted to get a Mexican style bed, and that's what I did.  Been eating tacos, went to the new Alamo Drafthouse at the old Mueller Airport location.  The place is amazing.  Life would be better if an Alamo opened in Ohio.  I know I could be the one to facilitate that, but restaurants aren't my game.  
Got to spend an evening with my Texas Mom.. Dr. Karen Artzt.  She broke a femur while on a cruise ship, so we ordered in, and just talked.  She demands my company in Bar Harbor this summer, where she has a house on the water.  
Finally, hooked up with friends at the ranch.  Sat around a fire, talked, laughed, and shared.  It was a good evening.
I didn't eat all the BBQ in town.  As a matter of fact, I didn't have ANY.  I didn't even go downtown, other than to Karen's place.  It was an unusual visit.  I was in my happy place, and I wasn't scrambling to do all the happy things I love to do while there. 
I think I'm over Austin. 
Didn't think I'd ever say that.
My town is changing fast.  I don't think it would be close to the same place if I tried to move back there in 10 years...