The Road Home... / by deanna szuter

I drove hard to Little Rock, Arkansas and spent the night at Matteo's house.  He was performing that night, and I failed to muster enough energy to see it.  Instead, we talked for about 15min, and he left.. and I crashed in the van.  
Fortunately I get up around the time he goes to bed, so we got to spend about an hour talking while I woke up for the drive ahead.
I was suppose to drive on to Bloomington, Indiana to see my friend Hallen, who was also with the band/sarasota crew... but work had him come in on what was suppose to be his day off.  
Luckily, there is more than one road home, so I altered the route to take me to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky.  Nice campsite, clean facilities, and lots of free firewood.
The next morning I was to hit the caves, but when I got up, it was raining heavily.. and just didn't want to deal with the whole tourist experience in those condition.  Maybe I was a bit leery of being subterranean with rain washing thru?   Yes, that had something to do with it.
I made it back to Canton safe and sound.  I already miss the road.  
Next trip.. GERMANY!