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About D

Ohio raised and free ranged.  Always carrying a hand-me-down camera, Deanna has taken photos all her life.  After moving to Texas in 1992 she started to take her own abilities more seriously.  Always dabbling in many art mediums, photography took the front seat and continues to be a creative force in her life. 
For 20 years Austin, Texas shaped Deanna into the artist she is today.  
After 7 years spent living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Deanna moved back to Canton, Ohio following a life changing injury, and a Biblical flood.
Deanna has visited 48 of the United States, as well as the Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Ontario, Mexico, and Guatemala.  The vagabond lifestyle has lead to some incredible photo opportunities.  
"Being on the go means you take the photo when something catches your eye.  There is no staging.  There is no auxiliary lighting.  There is no waiting for the Golden Hour.  Take it when you see it." ~Deanna Szuter