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Tour of Western Germany

Flying into Hamburg, and on to Schwerin where my Mother was born.  She wants me to see the farm where she was born.  Then we'll move south to Frankfurt to pick up my Brother and HIs Wife.  Together we'll explore the Rhine, Black Forest, and if weather permits, a drive thru part of Switzerland to Northern Italy to where is believed to be a Castle that once in our family line.  Monasteries, Castles, Cathedrals, Cemeteries, old towns...  it's going to be an incredible trip!   

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Going to Bar Harbor, Main

A former Boss/friend has a Summer Home right on the water, and has invited me out.  I have not been to Maine since I was a little kid, so this we be a short, wonderful little exploration.  I'll visit the Acadia National Forest a bit while out there.  

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